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"This is a great idea if you haven't got a garage to park your bike in. You just ride your bike in and then pull the canopy over the top and lock it a ring set in the ground. The Bike Barn is made from rust resistant galvanized steel tubes, covered with tough nylon. It's 275cm (9ft) long, 160cm (5ft 3") tall and 106cm (3ft 6") wide - easily big enough for most tourers and sports bikes. There are no problems with condensation because flaps let the air circulate - keeping the bike dry. As a result my Suzuki GSX-R750 didn't show any signs of corrosion, even when it was parked soaking wet. I've used it for months and the Bike Barn is showing no signs of wear and tear. You'd have to drop something heavy and sharp on the fabric to tear it. But be careful lifting the cover after rain because you can end up with water all over your boots! With a ground anchor fixed inside the cover, your bike would be really secure. It's worth paying the money to keep your pride and joy in top condition - and it's cheaper than building a garage!"

Bill Spurdens
January 6,1999

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