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Testimonials: Snow
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You see I’m basically lazy. But hey, that was what attracted me to the bike barn motorcycle cover in the first place! That I’m taking time out to write this testimonial to you guys speaks volumes about how pleased I am with the product.

It’s been long time – I believe I bought my bike barn in early 2001 or about 8 and a half years ago. Once assembled, I never spent any time maintaining it. I never cleaned it or brushed off snow. It’s stood the test of time through unruly weed-whackers, hot and humid summers and bitter-cold winters, through 12 inches of wet snow, a micro-burst, flood-inducing rains and hail. It outlasted the bike it protected!

It seems more and more rare these days to find quality, you deserve to know that the Bike Barn motorcycle cover is one of those rare finds.

A few days ago I picked up a new bike, today I ordered a replacement cover. And you know what? I’m happy to do it!


  Paul Blose
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
September 2009

Bike Barn motorcycle cover in a snow storm


Bike Barn is OK in ice storm

I can't believe that this bike barn was able to hold up under these conditions. Great product!!! My bike was untuoched and in perfect condition when I was finally able to get it out.

  January 2008
Bike Barn covered with snow from two 12 inch snowfalls

Show Fall...

We just got thru two 12” snowfalls in one week – 24” of snow. The Bike Barn motorcycle cover has held up as well as could be expected. Snow was falling at the rate of 2” per hour. I tried to brush it off often, but occasionally would find 8” of snow accumulated. The photos (after the storms) attached.

You guys have this figured out well.


Jeff Loken
March 2007
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