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Testimonials: Multiple Bikes

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Bike Barn trike motorcycle cover fitting two standard motorcycles  

Trike Barn for Two Bikes!
Dear Bike Barn,


Thank you for a great product, I ordered the Trike Model motorcycle cover. This thing is huge! It fits my Harley Night Train & Ducati Monster 1100 with tools and cleaning bucket no problem. Definitely a great buy for someone who has two bikes, maybe not two baggers, but a set of softtails or sportbikes it more then enough space. I called up a buddy, and in 40 minutes we had the whole thing together. It's a real strait forward design. Instructions are good, but the diagram is really all you need. Thank you for making my life easier! Keep the rubber side down and ride safe!


Anthony Ziccardi
Sparta NJ
March 2010


bike barn standard motorcycle cover fitting two dirt bikes

Double dirt bike bike barn cover and a harley road king


Three dirt bikes fit under
Touring Bike Barn...

Attached are pictures of my bike barns that I promised a month ago. I originally bought the bike barn standard for my Harley Road King about 7 years ago. Then we got 2 dirt bikes and they both fit in the standard bike barn motorcycle cover so my Harley went to the garage. Then we got a third dirt bike and wife got aggravated with bikes in garage... so that's why I bought the touring bike barn a few month ago... with hopes that the extra 12 inch width and length would hold all three dirt bikes. Well it does... it takes some finagling (sp?) but they easily fit in the touring bike barn.... This of course freed up the standard size bike barn again for my Harley Road King. now the wife is happy and that's a good thing... up until I bought a Jeep Wrangler a few weeks ago and took back the garage. Ha.

Hope these pictures are helpful.



Lanny, Phx, AZ
May 2007


Harley Road King in a standard bike barn cover and three dirt bikes in one tourer model bike barn

Hi folks,

Just felt the need to write to tell you how much I like the Bike Barn bike cover. I bought one that a local dealer had for sale that was already built (good thing I only live a block away) that turned out to be the large model. I live in a townhouse with a very small patio on the side of it. The Bike Barn fit perfect. I actually have two bikes and a bin full of tools in ONE BIKE BARN!!! The bikes are a 1975 Moto Guzzi 850t, and a 1975 Honda cb400f. I used to cover the bikes in covers and tarps and they would still get wet. Even covers by the big cover manufacturers. When you look at the cost of getting a nice cover compared to the cost of the Bike Barn I think you will make the same decision I did. It's easy to use, and a solid product. I feel like I have my own garage.



Ken Somerville,
October 2003


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