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Bike Barn - Motorcycle Cover Guide

After you have washed, waxed, and polished your bike to make it look its best, don't leave it parked out in the open. Protect your investment with a motorcycle cover. A motorcycle cover is a great way of adding years of life to your bikes paint. A motorcycle cover is a unique tent that protects your ride. The Trike market needs a solution for storage and we've come up with a wider model motorcycle cover that handles trike conversions up to 62 inches wide. Don't worry about hot exhaust pipes melting fabric covers, there's no contact of fabric to pipes.

Many standard motorcycle covers need to be replaced every year at a cost of one hundred dollars each. A winter storage inside a self storage compartment can run up to a hundred dollars per month. Bike Barn motorcycle covers last years. The Bike Barn pays for itself in one winter. You start saving right away. These motorcycle covers are made of commercial grade woven polyester fabric with long life UV testing. They are water repellent on outside and have polyurethane coating on inside for waterproofing. Bike Barn motorcycle covers will not rot in sun and will only have minimal fading after two years.

Motorcycle storage can be made simple with a Bike barn cover. The frame can handle a distributed snow load of approximately 75 pounds. We do recommend that you clean the snow off if it is wet and heavy with water. When the bike is properly installed on the anchor plate the Bike Barn will not blow away. You can place some standard wall bricks, cinder blocks or other heavy objects on the grounding plate at the inside edges as ballast for when your Bike is not inside. You have no need to worry about your motorcycle storage unit leaving your yard.

The Bike Barn keeps the area under the motorcycle shelter tent dry. However moist air can still linger inside especially with warm days and cool nights. That can be a problem, so what is the solution? Bike Barn has the solution with our latest product the air flow heater. The air flow heater is a low temperature heat with a small fan designed to blow air up and out of the motorcycle shelter. The constant motion of air up and out of the tent is the best way to make sure you have the best moisture protection. An extension cord can easily be run into the Bike Barn to power the air flow motorcycle shelter heater.

A motorcycle seat cover does what is meant to do keep your bottom dry. But what about the rest of the bike? Shouldn't that be protected also? With a Bike Barn motorcycle seat cover dirt and dust are not ground into your paint from the wind rippling the fabric. They are made of commercial grade woven polyester fabric with long life UV testing. You also don't need to worry about hot exhaust pipes melting fabric covers because there's no contact of fabric to pipes. A motorcycle seat cover from Bike Barn will protect your entire bike, in any type of weather.

A Harley Davidson motorcycle cover can keep your prize bike warm and dry in any weather. You can easily fit inside the Tourer model and work on your bike in bad weather. Yes, you can wipe down your baby inside the Bike Barn after a ride. There is also plenty of room on either side of the Harley Davidson motorcycle cover for storing gear. Each frame is made to exacting standards. The tent is the most critical component and it is sewn to fit like a tailored suit. Get on board with the best portable Harley Davidson motorcycle cover solution on the today.

Bike covers are the perfect solution for rural motorcycles. They may not have a garage but their motorcycles will. These bike covers can be used for many other projects when they are not needed to house a motorcycle. They can store yard equipment, bicycles, fire wood, ATV's or even used as an ice fishing tent. How cool is that? Your own ice tent. Bike covers can protect all your precious items from Mother Nature. They are water repellent on outside and have polyurethane coating on inside for waterproofing. Bike covers will not rot in sun and will only have minimal fading after two years

Enclosed motorcycle covers provide all weather non contact protection to bikes and ATV's. The original design answered immediate needs for customers to keep rain and sun out. The Bike Barn frame provided camouflage, out of site out of mind. However security remained of top concern for customers in densely populated urban areas. The basic qualities of the Bike Barn were attractive however there was no deterrent from thieves slashing the fabric and entering the tent. Physical security of enclosed motorcycle covers involved mainly rear wheel lock bars that are bolted to the ground with a metal rod through the spoke wheel. Basically the bike could not be moved without some cutting or breaking of parts during theft attempts under one of our enclosed motorcycle covers.

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