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Ride in motorcycle cover on platform bike barn

Thanks for the Bike Barn,

Thanks so much for your prompt shipment, it was so fast, I could hardly believe it! Ordered it late in the day and the next day I received it by 10:20 A M. Wow! Usually it takes 4 days to get to Orcas Island, WA.

The bike barn is of very good quality and am very pleased I made the purchase to cover my Screamin Eagle Ultra Classic. After a quick platform, and using 2-lag bolts to fasten the tire plate down and a couple of eye hooks on the opening end presto, instant satisfaction from the hot sun and rain.

Even my neighbor's dog had to try it out, luckily it washed right off the next day with no stains.

  Thanks again,
Terry Wood
Orcas Island, WA
July 2010

Use pressure washer on motorcycle cover to remove mildew and dirt  

Cleans up nice as new!

I had my Bike Barn Tourer Model motorcycle cover since 2004. Its been through a lot, snow, wind, rain and it shows it. So, after six years, I finally got around to clean it and it came out looking good as new. With a little help from my pressure washer all the mildew and grime came right off. The fabric has held up very well, no rips or loose stitching. The bike barn was money well spent.

Al McNamee
New Jersey
June 2010



I would like to give you my opinion on this fantastic product! I do not have access to a garage so during the riding season my bike sits in the driveway. I have been using a cheap motorcycle cover which is made out of a sort of nylon material, I can only guess and it got draped over the bike which would lead to the finish becoming dull on the batwing fairing at specific contact points (although an application of high quality polish would bring it back to life) as it blew in the wind, sometimes even coming half-off. I would have to use rope to keep my old cover from blowing away and when it would rain the cover would get soaked and then you have to clean the bike to remove water spots etc. Completely unacceptable for a bike worth $30,000; rounded up for conversation sake.

I own an '09 FLHX and I bought the Touring Model Bike Barn motorcycle cover and it fits wonderfully with room to spare, you could be in there standing up detailing your prized possession in the rain or doing whatever. I put the entire thing together in about 1 1/2 hours by myself, which I'm sure can be done faster, but I don't like to go back and do things twice. The directions were very easy to follow, but if you had no directions, I feel assembly would be just as smooth.

I was about to pull the trigger on a small shed when I was leafing through a Baggers magazine and came across an ad for the Bike Barn, all of a sudden thoughts started racing through my head; this is what I have been looking for something reasonably sized, affordable, bike would be out of the elements and something durable. Without hesitation I ordered a Touring Model motorcycl cover and the shipping was very quick. The material of the actual cover is quite thick and appears to be tear resistant; it is raining here now and my bike is dry!!

I want to thank you guys for developing a great product, you have and will be saving me grief from now on. Don't get me wrong, I love cleaning and polishing my bike but keeping the elements off of the finish is such a relief; and you can lock it too. A great product to all who had a hand in the designing years ago, I will be recommending to my friends!!!

Tim Reid
May 2010

Hi Guys,

I'm located here in the UK where currently it's _not_ raining!

I bought the Bike Barn (Standard Model) motorcycle cover just over a week ago, and assembled it yesterday, working on my own.

Despite stopping every now and then to attend to other deliveries, coffee and prising the cat out of the packaging, and having read the instructions five times, I completed the installation in an hour and twenty minutes (elapsed time) and rode my Harley-Davidson Sportster straight inside – Awesome!

I found the instructions clear and straightforward to follow, even for a 72-year old like me, and the satisfaction when the completed structure housed my baby was immense!

My thanks to the Genius who came up with this, the best accessory any bike could have!

Terry Tyler
November 2009

Still waterproof after 10 years...

We have had our Bike Barn motorcycle cover for 10 years and it is still waterproof after all the British weather can throw at it. It is used practically every day as we commute to work by motorcycle. An excellent product, well worth the money, we are very pleased with our bike barn.

June 2009
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