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Motorcycle cover storage bike barn as a second garage

Hi Bike Barn:

Just wanted to send you a note to tell you how extremely pleased I am since receiving my new Bike Barn. It really is even better than I had hoped. I received it within 5 days of speaking to you, and it only took me about 1 1/2 hours and three bottles of beer to put it together. I was very impressed at how well the instructions explained the assembly, and I only needed a crescent wrench, hammer, ratchet, and a few sockets to put it together. You really get a good feel for the quality of the components supplied when you assemble your Bike Barn. My wife likes it because it looks good beside our house, and really isn't obtrusive in any way. I like it because I can come home after a ride and drive right into it, and not have to worry about waiting for the pipes of my bike to cool, or to fumble around with cumbersome tarps that can melt on the pipes. The size of the Bike Barn is perfect and even with the windshield on my Honda Shadow 750 ACE I have plenty of room to park the bike in it. The two side vents are awesome... they let the heat out very well and you can sure feel the heat coming out of them after a long ride. The Velcro on the vents flaps holds the vents open or closed really well. We have had a few rain storms since I built the Bike Barn, and the fabric has been completely waterproof, and thanks to the quality of the stitching my bike was completely dry after the skies had cleared. My neighbours think that my Bike Barn looks great and "hides" my bike very well from anyone "cruising" the neighbourhood looking to steal a bike. I have only received positive comments from my riding buddies who think that the concept of having a retractable cover that doesn't touch the bike very cool. I am completely satisfied not only with the quality of my Bike Barn, but also with the speed in which it was delivered and the way it was packaged for shipping. I am attaching some photos so you can share with other just how great the Bike Barn Really is.

Thanks very much,


Fred Buchy,
Lively, Ontario
June 2004


Bike Barn Motorcycle Cover Assembly and finished view

On your website you ask for photos of our installation. I must say that if someone like me, all thumbs and two left hands, can assemble the Bike Barn with no problem, anyone can do it.

Thanks for a great product.


Ron Sposato
New York
April 2004


Bike Barn motorcycle cover for my Harley

The Bike Barn,

Now that I've got my Bike Barn secured on a frame and retrieved my Harley from storage - here's the pictures I promised.

Great product! Works like a charm and looks great.


Wes Beal
New Jersey
April 2004



Hi there just to let you know,

I have had my bike barn a good 5 years now,still good as new, if you want the best cover for your bike get a bike barn cover, they are the best.


C R Brown
London, UK
March 2004


Hello Bike Barners,

I just thought you might like to know that I park my Suzuki Lazy Chair 1500 very comfortably in my touring Bike Barn and am a happy customer as it works just as conveniently as depicted on your web site in the videos of just driving in and closing the cover. DONE ! Fast & easy. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs a place for their bike out of the weather and away from prying eyes. Worth buying for the all around convenience. It pays for itself in the wear and tear on your seat alone out of the UV. Good product and well done. The only thing I think to improve it is by making the tubes out of Stainless Steel or maybe even PVC and making a video on how to construct the unit for us idiots that can only look at the pictures.


Bryan Pike
New England
January 2004

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