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Just to let you know how happy I am with my Bike Barn motorcycle cover. It is awesome. It is everything you claimed it would be. I sure am lucky to have found you in the internet. Thanks, Pardners.


Hector Martinez
Pharr, Texas, USA
March 2005



My 83 YAMAHAWG says thank you. No problem to assemble. Quality item for sure- very impressive you will not be sorry – guaranteed.


Sid Smith.
Middle Tennessee, USA
December 2004


Harley Davidson Superglide bike barn cover

Hi Guys,

I just received my new Bike Barn motorbike cover and assembled it this past Saturday. I was amazed at the quality of your product. I must admit, I was very skeptical, and was prepared to try it with the intention of sending it back if I didn't like it. Covers weren't good enough and I didn't feel like spending $1000.00 on a shed and getting a permit to put it on my property and finding a place to put the shed. I keep my Bike Barn right in my driveway.

It only took me about 3 hours to assemble with my 2 year old daughter helping me. I probably could have done it in half the time by myself but she likes to help me with stuff for my bike.

I Live in New Jersey and ride a 2003 Harley Davidson Superglide. I moved to a house with no garage and wasn't going to pay storage fees for the winter. I was using an outdoor motorcycle cover but it was a real hassle fighting with it to put it on and worse yet waiting 2 hours for the pipes to cool before putting the cover on.

Also, when I'm in a hurry to go to work in the morning I had to fight with the cover then roll it up and throw it in the back of my truck and when I get home I had to open my truck and take the cover off.

My Bike Barn is so easy, it's a real pleasure to use. It takes about 5 seconds to open it, roll my bike out and another 5 seconds to close it. The greatest part is when I get home, I open the bike barn, ride my bike into it, close it and I'm done. No waiting for the pipes to cool.

I run an extension cord from the back yard under my Bike Barn to keep my battery tender plugged in and connected to my bike for the winter.

This is truly a fantastic product and a great invention. I just wish I found out about this a year ago. I would highly recommend it and will let the members in my motorcycle know about the product.

Thanks again for a great product!


Frank M. Semeraro.
"Back Road Drifters"
New Jersey, USA
November 2004


Honda Shadow Aero 750 cover

What a great product!

Attached are photos of my Bike Barn cover, which I purchased just one week before I bought my new Honda Shadow Aero 750. Putting the Barn together was actually a lot easier than I had imagined - maybe 45 minutes total assembly time. I had imagined that the steel tubing would be cheap tubing of the type you see on Kmart barbeque grill legs and such, but that was obviously not the case - the tubing is much heavier gauge than I expected. As you can see from the photos, it fits my new cruiser just fine. I'm an everyday commuter and I ride year-round, averaging at least 6 days a week on the bike. The ease of just walking out to the patio and uncovering the bike is amazing! Especially considering that prior to buying the barn I stored my bike in a shed in the backyard, which meant running an obstacle course of trees and benches and such to get the bike to the shed. Now it's a cinch to just pull onto the patio and put her away for the night. I actually find I use the bike even more for quick errands and such because getting to it is so much easier now. Just a quick flip up and I'm ready to go.

What a great product! I've recommended it to lots of my biker buds - they're all impressed with the thing! The only downer is my dad, who is 78, keeps calling it my "horse barn." Well, they do call motorcycles "Iron Horses," so I guess he's not that far off!



Susan S.
Alabama, USA
August 2004


Bike Barn Motorcycle cover deployed on a patio

Thanks for the Bike Barn,

I'm just emailing to say thanks for the bike barn and what an amazing product. I just received it on friday and assembled it with little grief on Saturday. Some of the tubes were a tight fit but that only means they won't come out. Everyone who see's this thing is just amazed and I always get the same reaction. "I've never seen anything like that before". And while some might think it to be a bit pricey in just two days I've justified the cost with the ease of operation and the convenience of not having to hang a tarp over a covered bike every time I get home. And the best part is if I get caught in a shower I can close the cover with all 5.5 foot of me on the bike and dry it off inside. So for any skeptics about ordering some gimmick product online this is the real deal and I'll be promoting this thing to death here is Nova Scotia.

Thanks again and here's some pics.


Lower Sackville,
Nova Scotia
June 2004

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